Rules and Regulations (Policies)

CHECK IN & OUT - Check-in is between 2.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. Check out is by 11.00 a.m.; if you wish to stay longer, you may purchase a day pass at the office.

CAMPFIRES - Campfires are only permitted in the provided fire rings and are not to be left unsupervised. It is not permitted to move the fire rings. Fire must be extinguished and fire ring covered prior to retiring. Fire must be kept low and according to the weather conditions. Paper and wood are the only items to be burned. It is prohibited to bring any kind of firewood into the park as per Ministry of Natural Resources regulation. Only the firewood purchased at Lillie Kup Kamp is allowed to be used on the territory of Lillie Kup Kamp. Anyone found burning firewood that was not purchased at Lillie Kup Kamp is subjected to a $40 fine. Fire ring must be cleaned from ashes and any scraps prior to leaving the site.

CHILDREN - It is parents’ or guardians’ responsibility to ensure that children understand and comply with all park's rules. All children must be accompanied to the amenities by a person of a responsible age. It is parents’ or guardians’ responsibility to ensure safety of the children when using the playground and/or all other Lillie Kup Kamp’s facilities and/or grounds and/or marina and to ensure appropriate behaviour when using any communal facilities. It is prohibited to play on or around the docks, maintenance yard and/or other campers' sites. Children and teenagers must be on their site or accompanied by the parents or guardians after 9.00 p.m.

FIREARMS & FIREWORKS - Firearms including B.B., Pellet, CO 2 guns are not permitted at Lillie Kup Kamp. Fireworks must be pre-approved by the Lillie Kup Kamp owners and used within the designated area only.

GARBAGE & RECYCLING - Kitchen garbage ONLY is to be put in plastic bags and dropped in garbage trailer. Please check with Lillie Kup Kamp owners prior to leaving any large items (such as construction material, carpet, furniture, metal items or other) near garbage trailer as the disposal fee might be applied or those items might not be allowed at the dump. It is strictly prohibited to dump propane bottles, tanks, batteries, and any other hazardous materials anywhere on the Lillie Kup Kamp property. All recycling items such as papers, carbord, glass bottles/jars, plastic bottles/food containers, tins and aluminimum cans, must be put directly in recycling box (do not place them in a plastic bag). In addition all recycling items must be emptied prior to placement in the box. Please ensure not to place broken glass in a recycling box.

LIABILITY - The owners and/or staff of Lillie Kup Kamp do not accept Liability for injury or death of any kind, resulting from the use of the grounds and/or facilities of the Lillie Kup Kamp and/or marina. The owners and/or staff of Lillie Kup Kamp do not accept responsibility for the damage or loss of any personal property brought into the Lillie Kup Kamp.

MAKING IMPROVEMENTS - - Digging is only permitted, when received verbal or written authorization from Lillie Kup Kamp owners, due to underground electric and water supply lines. A building permit is required from Armour Township for all new structures and decks. Max 1 shed permitted per site. No contractor, builder or repair person is allowed to work at Lillie Kup Kamp without first providing proof of the liability insurance. It is camper’s responsibility to advise Lillie Kup Kamp owners and the contractor or repair person of this rule.

NOISE - Loud noise is not permitted at any time. Power tools may only be used for short periods, with owners' permission, never before 10.00 a.m. or after 6.00 p.m. Quiet time is from 11 p.m. until 8 a.m.

PAYMENTS - - Seasonal campers may pay fees by personal cheques or cash. Campers may hand-in the payment at the office or send a cheque payable to “Lillie Kup Kamp” by the following address: 101 Doe lake road, Katrine, ON, P0A1L0.There are 2 options for paying the seasonal fee: Option 1- Seasonal and docking fees paid in full by the opening date. Option 2 - a minimum deposit of $700 and full docking fee is required by the opening date. The rest of the seasonal fee must be paid in full by the August 1. In this case, additional fee of $50 will be applied. The fee for winter boat & trailer storage is due October 15. All payments received after the deadlines will incur a “late payment”, penalty of $2 per day. REMINDER: Seasonal fee and docking fee are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE. We do not accept personal cheques from transit campers.

PETS - - Friendly pets are welcomed. Dogs must be tied or on a leash permanently. They must be quiet (cannot bark continuously) and must not be left unsupervised. Pets are not allowed to be on the beach or in the swimming area. “Stoop and scoop” rule is in-effect in the park at all times. For your own safety, it is not permitted to feed wild animals and pigeons.

SALES - All trailers or boats on “sale” have to be registered at the office. 3% commission fee of the total price will be charged (min $100-trailer, $50-boat). Ensure to introduce the buyer of the trailer to the owners of Lillie Kup Kamp if you are planning to keep the trailer at Lillie Kup Kamp after the sale. The owners of Lillie Kup Kamp will make the final decision on the acceptance of the new seasonal camper after receiving the commission payment outlined above. If the commission is not paid in full, the owners of Lillie Kup Kamp will keep the right to reject the buyer as a seasonal camper at Lillie Kup Kamp

SEASONAL SITE - All seasonal sites must be kept tidy. Site may consist maximum of 1 trailer, 1 deck, 1 shed (max 6’-8’) and 1 vehicle. Tent might be put up for sleeping on occasional basic. Tent must be taken down when not in use. Owners of Lillie Kump Kamp have the right to cut long grass and bill the site occupants a fee of $20. Due to high energy price, it is not allowed to use electrical decoration lights. For anyone strongly interested in keeping the decoration lights on, please consult in office about energy compensation. Any other additional energy consuming equipment is subject to approval by owners of Lillie Kup Kamp. Campers may use only one power outlet as the main power supply. It is not allowed to use a second post for the additional power. Trailers and/or boats must be insured by the owner. Lillie Kup Kamp assumes no responsibility for loss through fire, theft, collision or otherwise, including moving of trailers with camp equipment.

SEWAGE & HOLDING TANKS - If your site has underground holding tank, please be advised that is not a septic system, and should only be used for grey water purpose. Black water must be kept in your trailer’s (RV) holding tank and pumped out for additional fee, when required.

VEHICLES - Speed limit is 8 km/hr within the Lillie Kupm Kamp. Only one vehicle is permitted per site, any additional vehicles must be kept in the parking area ( parking fee will be applied). . It is NOT allowed to park at the neighbours' sites. Please do not let your vehicle idle. Dirt bikes, mini- bikes, go-carts and ATV’s are not to be ridden in the Park. Bicycles must be ridden only on the roadway during the daylight hours.

VISITORS & CAMPERS - All visitors, guests and campers must register at the office and pay upon arrival otherwise fee will be doubled. Daily, overnight or seasonal passes are available.

WATER - Water from the deep well is regularly tested, please do not waste it. Washing of the vehicles/boats as well as lawn & tree watering is not permitted. Ask owners about designated place to wash your vehicles.

The new version of Rules and Regulation is in effect as of May 2017 and applies to all campers.